08.01.2020 Onwards
Walala Mansion

Camille Walala has turned the LED screen at the park’s Causeway Bay entrance into the mansion’s gate with her signature vibrant colours, versatile geometry and bold dot patterns. You can start at the fountain, which is spruced up by Memphis-inspired graphic latticework. Continue along the green courtyard stroll to the Central Lawn to find the 13-metre-tall inflatable Walala Mansion and the playful furniture pieces scattered around it. The work offers an unruly yet amusing playspace for the public amid the urban hustle, delightfully contrasting with the modern office towers and residential blocks in the neighbourhood.


Taking inspiration from Walala's Landmark Project for the 15th anniversary of London Design Festival, Villa Walala – a huge inflatable structure adorned with the artist's iconic use of colour and geometric patterns – this new installation will create a boisterously colourful, interactive playscape.

Studio Walala

U.K. Creative Partner
08.01.2020 Onwards
Hearty Rendezvous

Hattrick Creative further enhanced the garden of the mansion with an Augmented Reality (AR) interactive experience Hearty Rendezvous. With a simple scan using your smartphone, you will discover surprises hidden in the mansion.


1.Scan QR code on site to open web AR platform
2.Allow it to access your camera
3.Aim your camera at the image

A set of modern-retro graphic illustration features a harmonious blend of city elements, vivid yet dreamy colours and also edgy patterns to bring you instant delightful sight in winter days. Victoria Park might be a smile-bringing present wrapped up in pop decors for everyone. It’s time to have a warm embrace with our hearty city, where our homes and our hearts belong. Let joy be all around.

Hattrick Creative

H.K. Creative partner