Träumerei:CMT X MYO 25th Anniversary Musical in Concert

Organiser:Hong Kong Children’s Musical Theatre


Date: 18.08.2023 to 20.08.2023

Time: 20:00 (Fri),15:00,20:00 (Sat),15:00 (Sun)

Venue: Auditorium, Tsuen Wan Town Hall

Ticketing: HK$340, 300, 220


Everyone was once with souls, only a few remember it.


“Everyone was once with souls, but only few of them remember it.”


Wong is a mere shell of a man who is in his twilight years. One day, a mysterious little girl appears and brings Wong to re-experience his wonderful adventures in the past. Can Wong find his dream again on this unexpected journey?


Proudly presented by Hong Kong Children’s Musical Theatre (CMT) and Millennium Youth Orchestra (MYO), the 25th Anniversary Performance – Träumeri : CMT X MYO 25th Anniversary Musical in Concert.


A live Musical X Orchestral Concert that provides a feast for the eyes and ears! Produced by a professional team of local artists and musicians, what awaits you is an extraordinary stage performance that brings back the highlights of CMT’s past performances. Let’s join the party and recall the memories!



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