Themed Tour: Creative Art Tour (Putonghua)

Date: 26.08.2023 (SAT)

Time: 10:30-13:00

Assembly Point: Sai Lau Kok Garden (outside the Multi-purpose Room)

Guided by Way of Difference Special Guest: Chris Leung Require registration

#ddHK Vivid Tsuen Wan's seven art installations are more than just pretty sights. Way of Difference, our curatorial team, will lead you on an up-close tour of these works, enabling you to learn about the artists' backgrounds, the inspiration behind each piece, and the unique aspects of each installation. Chris Leung, the esteemed travel influencer, will join you throughout the trip!

About Way of Difference

Way of Difference is a boutique creative agency with a wealth of experience in the creative industry that works with artists worldwide.


They curated the event Design District Hong Kong (#ddHK) Vivid Tsuen Wan with the belief that art has the power to transform and revitalise communities, and by collaborating with international and local creative teams, they bring life to the neighbourhood while also encouraging a sense of community and cultural exchange among tourists and locals. 

About Chris Leung

Chris is a travel show presenter and producer. His shows embody a penchant for nature and a spirit of adventure, featuring destinations such as the Americas, North Africa, Central Asia and the Caribbean. Outside the TV realm, Chris is also a radio show host and an online columnist. In 2019 and 2023, he published two books documenting his travel stories, namely "就這樣,背遊地球。"and" 再一次,放浪地球" respectively.